Legacy COYOTE™ Accessories


This page hosts accessories for the Legacy COYOTE™ case, including mute bags, music pouches, back pack straps, lids, pad sets, and more.

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Product Description

NOTE: The two SNAP set ups can switch back and forth. If you own a complete COYOTE™ Snap case T/T/P/C, and wish to occasionally carry T/F/P, simply order the extra 2-piece Flugelhorn Pad Set. If you own a complete COYOTE™ Snap case T/F/P, and wish to occasionally carry T/T/P/C, simply order the extra 3-piece Computer Pad Set.

Legacy COYOTE™ Products

          • Nylon or leather COYOTE™ Mute Bag will hold 4-5-6 mutes, depending on size.
          • Nylon or leather COYOTE™ Music Pouch will hold 1-2-3 standard size books, depending on width.
          • Back Pack Straps…from Heaven! With a breathable mesh backing and great support. Recommended!
          • Deluxe Comfort Pad to allow Back Packing with the Wheels & Pull option.
          • 2 Piece Flugelhorn Pad Set converts Snap t/t/p/computer to Snap t/f/p.
          • 3 Piece Computer Pad Set converts Snap t/f/p to Snap t/t/p/computer.
          • The leather Mute Bag & Music Pouch DO fit on the nylon COYOTES™, and vice versa.

For a list of known flugelhorn fits, click HERE.


The legacy COYOTE™ products found here can enhance your existing case. Our re-imagined COYOTE™ is lighter than the Legacy Coyote, and is found HERE. It will be available Summer 2018.

Important Note

If you are buying a MUSIC POUCH for an OLDER Coyote with a rectangular BLUE logo, indicate that in the “notes” box at checkout. (We changed to YKK clips, and the old ones used Nexus clips.) If your Coyote has a circular logo, there is no need to let us know about that.

VIDEOS: Back Pack Straps…from Heaven!

COYOTE™ Snarl: Demo

COYOTE™ Snarl Demo II

COYOTE™ Features

COYOTE™ Conversions

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 24 in

Nylon Legacy Mute Bag, Nylon Legacy Music Pouch, Leather Brown Legacy Mute Bag, Leather Black Legacy Mute Bag, Leather Brown Legacy Music Pouch, Leather Black Legacy Music Pouch, 2 Piece Flugelhorn Pad Set, 3 Piece Computer Pad Set, Back Pack Straps … from Heaven!

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