Representing an entirely new design concept for Torpedo Bags, and using the most durable and lightweight materials in the world, the new VOLPE'S VELOX™ is a slim, classy way to transport your trumpet without the worry of traditional designs. The GECKO™ carries mutes and other accessories in padded spots, while the GILA MONSTER™ is perfect for overnight trips, with a computer slot and book space.

Product Description

NOTE: These are photos of prototypes, and the finish will be uniform high gloss on shipped items.

Named after the legendary MN Orchestra veteran trumpeter Clement Volpe, (retired after 41 years!) and his son, Minnesota Opera trumpeter Chris Volpe — regarded as “the most working-est freelance trumpeter in Minneapolis history” — the new VOLPE’S VELOX™ is close to production. The name plays on the Latin Vulpes Velox, which is the “Swift Fox” found in the Western United States.


  • 3 pound density molded open cell flexible foam — the really good stuff — universally cradles your trumpet, and is molded well into the bell.
  • Unlike plastic or wood, fiberglass and carbon fiber ensure a nearly indestructible design.
  • The GECKO™ radio clips onto the side, and carries one computer or some small books.
  • The IGUANA™ radio clips onto the side, and carries one computer or some small books, as well as a few mutes in a well padded compartment.
  • The GILA MONSTER™ radio clips onto the other side, and features room for a computer and books, or enough space for weekend travel.


  • Choose carbon fiber for a pre-preg carbon fiber shell with a lightweight DuPont Aramid (Kevlar) Nomex honeycomb core. This is true aerospace!
  • Choose fiberglass for a resin infused fiberglass shell. There will be a Soric core added for edge rigidity.

Finish Options

  • Black Gel Coat.
  • Brown Gel Coat.
  • Blue Gel Coat.
  • Vanilla Cream Gel Coat.
  • Black or Brown Leather.
  • The carbon fiber has a high-gloss clear coat.


  • High-end components.
  • Heavy-duty metal hardware.
  • Includes a 2-inch wide no-slip shoulder strap.


  • One Trumpet.
  • Internal spots for TWO mouthpieces, valve oil, and more.
  • Any and all needed mutes with the optional PADDED Mute and Accessory Bag (GECKO™).
  • Individual padded and suspended computer slot protects against drops. Also holds books, shoes, mics, stand, etc. (GILA MONSTER™).


  • Shoulder Strap.


  • This case is the world’s slimmest, without sacrificing protection.


  • 6.5 inches wide X 7.5 inches tall at the largest tapered end — incredible!
  • Anticipated weight is 5 pounds for fiberglass, 3 pounds for carbon fiber.
  • 22 inches long.
  • Flies GREAT!



    For cunning students and crafty professionals who want to carry the world’s slimmest and protective trumpet case, VOLPE’S VELOX™ is the swift choice.

Note: The “custom color” option must be accompanied with a pantone spec or a physical sample to match — this option is best for marching bands, college pep bands, DCI, etc., and the fee would only be charged on the first case. You’d order the rest as a stock color, but send a note that you want them all to be the custom color. For multi-piece orders, we are able to send a sample of the color before production.

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8.5 × 22 in

Clear Coat, Black Gel Coat, Brown Gel Coat, Blue Gel Coat, Cream Gel Coat, Custom Color Gel Coat, Black Loredo Leather, Brown Loredo Leather, Black 1680D Nylon

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