The Badlands Loredo™ is made from a 5 oz oil tan that has a nice back color, and our latest finish can only be found here. Of course, it will last the rest of your horse’s life and then some. This case is the personal choice of the owner, and is as bad as you want it to be. Are you dusty enough for this one? There’s only one way to find out!

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The Badlands Loredo™ Trumpet Case is our most dusty case. In fact, when you paste your tired eyes on this gorgeous bad boy, you’re likely as not to describe it as the opposite of water — a dry, crackling, tumbleweed of a look you can take on the road before you tumble off the bus the next town over. To keep it looking mean, once a year, apply a few layers of contraband, scorched earth, and roadkill. It’s the baddest of the bad for the worst of the worst, for when you are hiding out in South Dakota…wanted in South Dakota…or arrested in South Dakota.


  • Up to 3 inches of foam on all sides of your trumpet.
  • Nearly indestructible design.


  • Made from our World Famous, “Thick as a Horseshoe” LOREDO™ Leather.
  • Huge #10 YKK main zippers.
  • Industry-leading ITW Nexus clips.
  • Metal Hardware.
  • Includes a 2 inch wide shoulder strap, with strap upgrades available (add optional HONCHO CONCHOS™ HERE).


  • One Trumpet.
  • Mouthpiece lid pocket for additional storage.
  • It will not easily contain your reputation, but only because that got to the gig first.


  • A beefy, over-engineered Shoulder Strap that screams, “Screamer, coming through!”
  • An Interior Lid Pocket to store your mouthpiece and valve oil.
  • Mute Bag and Music Pouch.


  • Shoulder Pad, added Shoulder Strap Pockets, and HONCHO CONCHOS™.
  • Note: With the “Add 2-Pockets to your Shoulder Strap” option: It’s NOT a Shoulder Strap! It’s an upgrade to the naked shoulder strap that is included with your case. This option MUST accompany a leather case order. If you want only a 2-Pocketed Strap, visit our Shoulder Strap page HERE.
  • It is also available in our Gun Metal Black and Chocolate Brown Leather!


  • The Badlands Loredo™ Trumpet Case is sturdy on the floor, leaving an 8 inch “dinner plate” footprint, and makes a GREAT trumpet stand on set breaks.
  • At less than 8 pounds, the LOREDO™ offers unrivaled protection in a light weight package.


  • 8 pounds (3.5 kilos), 23 inches tall, 8.5 inch diameter (58 cm x 21.5 cm). Flies well:



  • Loredo™ Trumpet Case is the perfect case for students and professionals who want the world’s most protective and stylish case for carrying one trumpet. It ages beautifully.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in

Badlands Loredo Trumpet Case, Badlands Loredo Mute Bag, Badlands Loredo Music Pouch, Add 2 Pockets to your strap, 8 Inch Deluxe Shoulder Pad