The Art of Leatherwork

The ART of LEATHERWORK — You are an artist. You deserve a case made by an artist.

Our leather is better than our competitors’ leather. Not by a little bit, either. It’s almost certainly 3-4 times thicker, and comes from one of the last large tanneries in the USA, with over a century of experience in the Art of Tanning. Without exception, our competition uses upholstery leather, which is thin and easy for ordinary workers to cut and sew on ordinary machines. Since we recruit our workers from a rodeo gear company, they have extraordinary leather working skills. And our special Loredo leather requires these specialized abilities.

Each seam must be passed by hand through a skiving machine. Major seams must be glued down. We require special cast iron machines made by brands like Pfaff and Juki, and we use special needles that cut through and don’t break. These machines can sew through 1/2 inch plywood if we needed them to — no kidding around! Ours is such nice leather, and our workers are so good, that since we started making these in the US in 2005, we didn’t have to make a single repair until the summer of 2012. That’s 1000s and 1000s of perfect cases out the door.

When you purchase a Loredo case from us, you are getting the world’s best leather, prepared and sewn by the world’s best artisan sewing team.

You are an artist. You deserve a case made by an artist. — The ART of LEATHERWORK.

Caring for your Loredo Leather case.

Our cases don’t need much attention. They won’t tear because our leather is so thick, and exposure to inclement weather is nothing to worry about. Once a year, we recommend applying some leather lotion to your case, available at any leather coat or shoe repair location.  Or you can find one online HERE. Never use anything oil-based. Our black cases are chrome tanned and our brown cases are oil tanned, which means the black ones will look much the same year to year, and the brown ones “age” in a most beautiful way.

Don’t be alarmed at the first few scratches on your brown case — an oil tanned hide is supposed to do that. After a few weeks / months / years, you’ll say what most of our customers say: “This is the first case I’ve owned that gets better looking the older it gets!”