Re-Imagined COYOTE™


Pre-order the new COYOTE™ here at a big discount. Choose between fiberglass composite or a carbon fiber honeycomb sandwich. Both versions will be as groundbreaking as the original design, just as well made, but lighter and somehow even more protective. For T/T/P or T/F/C.

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Product Description

These photos feature a first draft of the two setups. There are notes going back to the CAD designer, and both the positioning and the case shape will change.

Pre-order prices are marked on sale: You are paying now for a future delivery. When these open up to our dealer network, we anticipate the fiberglass price will move up.

    • Choose either Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber Composite, naked or covered.
    • “Naked” will have a shiny exterior with no cover, and latches will hold it closed.
    • “Covered” will have a nylon or Loredo leather exterior, and it will be held shut by a #10 YKK zipper.

COYOTE™ Capacity

  • The COYOTE™ SNIP will hold Trumpet / Trumpet / Piccolo.
  • The COYOTE™ SNAP will hold Bb & Up to a 10.25 inch tall Flugelhorn. We are trying to design this one to also accommodate a computer, TBA.

COYOTE™ Shell Construction

  • We use pre-preg fabrics, which feature the best possible strength-to-weight ratio. In short, this is aerospace tech, for the lightest weight and stiffest possible walls. For an in-depth discussion of our methods, please read THIS article.
  • We do not use screws or bolts in assembly. Everything is riveted in place with stainless steel rivets with 1″ steel backing plates wherever possible. Some backing plates will be aluminum, and smaller than 1″. Why? So your case doesn’t fall apart!
  • Both the carbon fiber and fiberglass composite versions will be incredibly durable, since there are no nails, staples, glue, or rivets holding the shell together. Why? So your case doesn’t fall apart.

COYOTE™ Interior Form

  • The inside of these case are like nothing you’ve ever seen. Molded foam is common with competitors’ cases, but it’s usually beer cooler foam, which is light but extremely damaging to bells. We use 3-pound density open cell foam, which is soft enough to forgive even the hardest drops, but firm and form-fitting for stability. And unlike everybody else, our padding reaches INTO the bells by a full inch!
  • When we pour the foam, it glues itself onto an airtight, triple-layered, stretch fabric that is softer than fleece. You’ll have to feel it to believe it — ask us for a material sample if you have any doubts! We’d be happy to send you a swatch.
  • The Snip set up has the horns vertical, side by side, separated by at least an inch of form-fitted foam. The Snap has the flugelhorn lying down, and the Bb on top facing the opposite direction. Once you lift it up by the handle, they are side by side, too!

COYOTE™ Options

  • Back Pack Straps…from Heaven! With a breathable mesh backing and great support. Recommended!
  • Removable Wheels and Pull Handle. All Coyotes will come with mounting brackets attached, so these can be purchased later. Don’t need the wheels? Just take them off!
  • Mute Bags and Music Pouches will be described as soon as we finalize the design.

Click HERE if you need an accessory for a legacy COYOTE™.


The COYOTE™ is the BEST case available for serious college students and professionals who need to carry a wide variety of gear with complete confidence.


  • COYOTE™ SNIP — TBA. It’s gonna fit on airplanes and it’s gonna be light!
  • COYOTE™ SNAP — TBA. Yup. Same size ^ .

VIDEOS: Back Pack Straps…from Heaven!

Additional Information

Weight lbs
Dimensions N/A

Fiberglass Composite, Carbon Fiber w/Dupont Aramid Honeycomb Core

Cover or Color

Naked, Gloss Black, Naked, Sky Blue, Naked, Chestnut, Naked, Carbon Fiber Clear Coat (CF only), 1680D Black Nylon Exterior, Chocolate Brown Leather Exterior, Gun Metal Black Leather Exterior

Interior Set Up

SNIP: Trumpet / Trumpet / Pic, SNAP: 10.25″ Flugel / Trumpet +

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