About Us

Steve Kriesel

Steve Kriesel

Steve is a trumpet player, dog > cat person, and company founder.

Jen Burleigh-Bentz

Director of Sales and Marketing
Jen is a professional singer and actor with a long history in literally all aspects of music industry work.

Chris Bates

Operations Manager
Chris is a 1st call bassist in Minneapolis. If you need a killing quarter note, or a lesson on how to groove inside a pocket, or to talk about Rush, he's your guy.

Katie Ross

Accounts Payable and Receivable / HR
Katie is also a costumer, a pirate's assistant, a dog watcher, a car enthusiast, and a Steve keeper in liner.

Svea Drentlaw

CAD / CNC Technician
Svea plays bass and sings in a Ukranian cover band, cats > dogs, and knows several things about several things most people don't.

Emelin Fuentes

Sewing Supervisor
Emelin makes sure everyone has a good feel for how to sew any one of our 50,000 product variations.

Drew Diller

CNC / CAD / CAM / Composites Manager
Drew runs our composites division, create molds for cases and supervises part production.


Cutting Manager
Hairo is known to cut through 20 layers of heavy nylon with a homemade hand drawn knife. No one you have ever met can do this.

Sanjuana Luna

Sanjuana is one of most experienced sewers, with decades of experience.

Blanca Arichabala

Blanca has been working for us since 2016, and has a ton of industry experience.


Sen might be the hardest working person we've ever met, and comes from a family of contract sewers.

Leighton Tuenge

Cutting Apprentice
Leighton also plays trumpet, and carries an old Coyote once owned by Bobby Burns, Jr. from the EWF Band.