NEW! GAVIN BREHM MUTES™ are the best and most complex sounding mutes on the planet. Using unique materials, and modern sound spectrum analysis during the design process, these fantastic mutes are in a league of their own. You'll also find the NEW Torpedo Bag® GNATCATCHER™ felt bag mutes (like the famed “Crown Royal” bags) on this page.


Product Description

Real Science, Real Results

  • GAVIN BREHM MUTES™ are the products of exhaustive research and experimentation in the fields of acoustic physics and fluid dynamics. None of these products are recreations of conventional products, but rather are entirely new, fresh designs created to raise the standards of performance for even the most discerning players. Because, unlike most other companies making mutes today, our design process starts from scratch and analyzes new ideas and tests prototypes using detailed acoustic spectrum measurement technologies. There are simply no other mutes that can compare to the complexity and performance level of GAVIN BREHM MUTES™.

No Sacrifices

  • GAVIN BREHM MUTES™ are designed to sound better than any other mutes on the market. This is simply not possible if the materials used are not of the highest quality. For this reason, all of these products are made from the most exact alloys, most consistent single origin cane, and are cut to the most exacting measurements. GAVIN BREHM MUTES™ do everything in their power to bring you mutes in the shapes, materials, and configurations that allow you to make music that moves people. Because of this, many of their products are made from materials that you will not find in use by other companies. GAVIN BREHM MUTES™ have characteristic sounds that can be found nowhere else, which are possible only with their composite materials.

Cane + Copper Straight

  • Their original straight mute. The cane provides a wonderful crisp and warm tone, while the copper provides a distinct metallic tone and improves the efficiency of this outstanding mute. Like all GAVIN BREHM MUTES™, this mute is very delicate to optimize its tonal qualities.

Cane + Steel Straight

  • Their most popular straight mute. The cane provides a wonderful response even at the softest dynamics, while the heavy steel provides a powerful and fat ringing tone and makes this mute remarkably easy to play. Like all GAVIN BREHM MUTES™, this mute is very delicate to optimize its tonal qualities.

    • Made by Torpedo Bags, the GNATCATCHER™ Bag Mute is employed to mellow your sound, much like a bucket mute, but without the bulk. A felt bag with a soft drawstring, it is great for when a choir director is complaining about the volume of the brass, and also helps to add confidence to your critically quiet solo passages — a mellow sound played with more attitude and less fear! Famed Principal Trumpeter of the NY Philharmonic, William Vacchiano, regularly used something similar. The GNATCATCHER™ is available for TRUMPET or TROMBONE.


      • Students and professionals looking to achieve the most complete muted sound spectrum possible.

    Bag Mute — NY Phil

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Cane & Copper Straight, Cane & Steel Straight, GNATCATCHER™ Felt Bag, Trumpet, GNATCATCHER™ Felt Bag, Trombone

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