Next Designs

Carbon Fiber Composites are READY!

After several (too many) years, we are now able to make our long-awaited, aerospace-grade carbon fiber cases. We invested over $100,000 into this tech, moved our company twice at least partially so that we could house the necessary machines, and finally have everything in place. There is one heavy machine remaining that will be hooked up after the power company installs our 600 Amp Service.

Volpe’s Velox — Everything is ready to go for this sleek single trumpet case. These will immediately go into production once our high pressure foam injection machine is powered. I plan on a small learning curve and then these will finally ship, with my sincere apologies extended to everyone who waited far too long for theirs.

Coyote™ — Everything is drawn in CAD for this versatile triple trumpet / flugel / pic convertible combo case. We’ve put off cutting these molds until the Velox is  shown to work, as the molds are very, very expensive and time consuming to make. CAD > CAM > CNC. We have a much improved CNC table from when we cut the Velox shapes, so this shouldn’t be terribly crazy for us to launch in the coming months.

Chupacabra™ — Triple for large flugelhorns or three full size trumpets is the next item for us to draw and launch. I do not have an estimated launch date, as my plate is extremely full.

Carcajou™ — A basic trombone case follows…

After these four, I will either expand into more trombones, maybe back to trumpets, or jump into guitar cases. With our Glenn Cronkhite line so well established, we are less of a brass specialist than we used to be, and have several guitar stores and connections in this larger market than we do in our former niche specialty. This is not an iron clad decision, so let’s call the 5th case “To Be Announced.”