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Comfortable, insanely durable, 2″ wide leather straps with metal hardware: Torpedo Bag SHOULDER STRAPS are the BEST in the business, and here you can make them even better. Add a removable pad, mouthpiece and valve oil pockets, or buy them solo for your other cases. The “Back Pack Straps…from Heaven!” for the Coyote or a competitor’s case are here, too, as well as our nylon straps.


Leather & Nylon Straps

Our Loredo cases include a naked 2″ strap, but here you can buy a double-pocketed strap for valve oil and a mouthpiece, a comfortable and removable pad, or a solo strap (sometimes you just need to upgrade a competitor’s case). You can also purchase our nylon straps on this page, as well as the Coyote Back Pack Straps … From Heaven!

    NOTE #1: All of our cases INCLUDE a 44″ hook-to-hook Shoulder Strap. This page is for upgrades, or for when you just want a strap for another purpose.

NOTE #2: The menus, above, can filter out certain products. If you can’t seem to find one that is listed in the longer descriptions below, set each pull-down menu to “Choose an option… .” Then it will show up!

Six Choices

  • The Naked Loredo Strap is a solid 1/4 inch thick, 2 layers of 2-inch wide prime leather sewn together, 44″ hook-to-hook, with the pretty side facing out on both sides. These adjustable straps feature nickle-plated steel clips at the ends, and a nickel-plated roller buckle in the middle. We’ve yet to have one fail on us — Use it to pull a truck in an emergency!
  • If you want to carry your mouthpiece on the strap like a Bandolier, get a Double-Pocketed Strap: One for a trumpet mouthpiece, one for valve oil.
  • The Removable Leather Pad fits both the naked and the pocketed strap, but works a little better on the naked strap. The straps are already 2 inches thick, but this is a nice comfortable addition.
  • The Nylon “No Slip” Strap with Metal Hardware is the same one that ships with our Classic, Peacemaker, and Coyote cases. Grab an extra one here, because they work great on competitor’s cases!
  • The Back Pack Straps … from Heaven! are the ones usually associated with our Coyote cases. They have steel clips on each end of each strap, breathable mesh neoprene on the back, and were originally modeled off a real Kelty mountaineer’s pack — great for heavy loads!


    The Naked Loredo and Outlaw Loredo Straps are GREAT, and can be enhanced with these classy upgrades. Or, if you’ve lost a strap to a case or piece of luggage, these are all durable replacement choices.

The Honcho Conchos have their own page. Click HERE.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in
Color / Type

Chocolate Brown Leather, Gun Metal Black Leather, Badlands Leather, Nylon


Naked Loredo Leather Strap, Double-Pocketed Loredo Leather Strap (Mouthpiece and Valve Oil), 8-Inch Removable Loredo Leather Pad, Nylon Back Pack Straps…From Heaven!, Nylon "No Slip" Strap (Metal Hardware)