OUTLAW™ Trumpet Case


The THREE pound OUTLAW™ is the most versatile and innovative trumpet case we’ve ever made, and is preferred by the trumpet players who work here. Capacity for miles of music and mutes — durable, light, and SMALL — it is best described as the perfect trumpet case!

The included CHUCKWALLA™ protects a ton of mutes and holds a 14-inch wide music folder, and the optional SIDEWINDER™ is a suit bag. This is the most versatile and functional case we make — PERFECT for kids and pro’s who are tired of heavy cases, but don’t want to sacrifice protection.

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The Outlaw™ Trumpet Case — Every trumpet player who has worked here prefers this case over all the models we make as well as all the models we don’t make — if in doubt, get this one.


  • 1.5 to 3 inches of foam on all sides of your trumpet, and that foam is surrounded by a single piece of plastic all the way around, on top, and on the bottom. No gig bag can compare to this gig case.


  • 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon is standard.
  • Huge #10 YKK main zippers.
  • Industry-leading ITW Nexus clips, D-rings, and snap hooks.


  • One Trumpet.
  • 5 to 7 mutes.
  • Massive space for music, will fit ANY orchestra folder.
  • Mouthpiece lid pocket for added storage.


  • 2 inch wide No-Slip Shoulder Strap with beefy steel clips.
  • Lid Pocket for mouthpieces, valve oil, etc.
  • CHUCKWALLA™ is a wrap-around Mute Bag / Music Pouch, and has a spot for mutes that is protected by a stiff sheet of plastic. Your music folder goes in there, too, and it’s super wide @ 14″! It’s available separately for people who have lost theirs, or bought a used Outlaw that didn’t include it, but it IS included with each Outlaw.


  • SIDEWINDER™ is a wrap-around Suit Bag, with room for a tuxedo or suit. Zip it on the Outlaw, wind it around the side, clip it tight and you’re off.


  • The OUTLAW™ trumpet case is designed to be light and protective above all else. 3 pounds!
  • It pairs with the SIDEWINDER™ Suit Bag for hands-free airline travel, and the CHUCKWALLA™ protects your mutes behind a plastic barrier, and also has space for a 14″ music folder.
  • This innovative trumpet case is the lightest and most versatile traveling case ever made.


  • Black, Deep Red, and Royal Blue are made from 1680D 480gsm ballistic nylon.
  • Most companies bragging about using 1680D nylon use 350gsm or lower density, and pin prick holes are visible. Our tightly-woven Grade A 1680 Nylon is a much higher quality and is known to last well over a decade.
  • Pink and Camo are discontinued.



  • When small size and light weight are desired, but a gig bag is nerve wracking, THIS is your gig CASE. Paired with the SIDEWINDER™ or CHUCKWALLA™, this is an amazing system for professionals. It’s a PERFECT option for young students!!! It’s more protective than you think, and is definitely more case than bag. Every trumpet player who has worked here prefers this case over all the models we make as well as all the models we don’t make — if in doubt, get this one.

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New Colors!

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8.5 × 22 in

Black, Royal Blue, Deep Red


Outlaw With Chuckwalla, ONLY the Chuckwalla, ONLY the Sidewinder