Single Trumpet Case Parts


Replace lost parts for old Torpedo Bags. Supported cases include Classics from 2010 and later, 2012 Outlaws, Peacemakers, and lid pockets for ALL Loredos and Outlaw Loredos (introduced in 2005 and 2007, respectively). Single Outlaws were discontinued in 2012 and are no longer supported.


The items on this page are for those who lose a non-optional part from a newer single trumpet Torpedo Bag, or if the part has worn itself out after many years. We’ve had to fix only three 2010+ Classic mute bags so far, so this is mostly going to be for folks who lose their components.

The mute bags and music pouches on this page are only for cases with a circular patch on the lid. Those include 2010+ Classics, and 2012+ Outlaws and Peacemakers.

Earlier vintage cases: If the patch is embroidered from black & blue thread, it’s an older case and mute bags and music pouches haven’t been made for them in more than a decade — we do not support those parts. If it’s white lettering or black lettering with no blue at all, it’s from even earlier imported batches (2001, 2003, or 2005), which we no longer support, although lid pockets will more or less fit.

The lid pockets for the Classic, Loredo, Peacemaker, and Outlaws are also found here. This part is NOT vintage specific, other than some of the older cases may have backwards velcro. We do not custom make these with backward velcro to support older cases. If your replacement arrives and it does not grab the lid, it is very easy to hand sew or even glue two pieces of 2″ velcro together to make it work for your older Torpedo Bag. Even without that fix, a lid pocket is perfectly functional and protective without it grabbing the lid. The instances of backwards velcro should be quite rare.

If you don’t see the part you’re looking for here, it’s because it is an option, and replacements can be found on the regular product pages (Chuckwalla, Sidewinder, Shoulder Straps, etc.). By all means, if something broke before it’s time, send it in with your address for a replacement.

The prices here are roughly at our cost, reflecting our commitment to keeping these cases in service as long as possible. We’re one of the rare companies that intentionally tries to make gear that lasts. Everyone else tries to figure out how to make gear last “just long enough” (i.e. just past their warranty).

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in
Classic and Outlaw Parts

2010+ Classic Mute Bag $25, 2010+ Classic Music Pouch $25, Classic, Peacemaker, or Loredo Lid Pocket $35, Outlaw or Outlaw Loredo Lid Pocket $35