Customer Comfort

Leather Care is Simple

Keep your leather case reasonably clean. Once or twice a year, apply a leather LOTION to your case. You can find this at any leather coat store for a few dollars, or click HERE. Do not use mink oil or Nikwax or anything oil-based — those are meant for waterproofing boots, and degrade the leather (plus, they often stink). That’s all there is to it. We use very good leather that should last a very, very long time. Don’t worry about being out in the rain — your case will be fine.

Customer Service

Once in a while we make a mistake, but we sure hate it when things go wrong with an order. Please give us a chance to make it right. The CONTACT US page link is found on the lower left corner of this website.

Return and Repair Policy:

Unused materials may be returned for a full refund within 30 days, minus our outgoing shipping costs. In the exceedingly rare occasion of a manufacturer’s defect, please email us a picture of the issue first (it may be possible to send just the part in question, speeding up the solution).

Returns can be sent to the address below, with your name/address/phone/email in the business card holder of the case itself, and a printout of any email correspondence referring to the return or repair. This is important, because the box that it arrived in may be discarded upon receipt. If the item is an accessory, include these items inside or safety pin them in a prominent location.

Do NOT, sweet Mary, send anything back buried in packing peanuts. We hate those things.

How You Can Help

We LOVE positive reviews on sites like Trumpet Herald and Trumpet Master. If you are so inclined, start up a new thread on one of these sites about our products or customer service. Facebook posts are a nice gesture, too, and remember that pictures speak volumes.

And speaking of speaking volumes with pictures on Facebook, you can also post pictures of your Torpedo Bag in action on OUR Facebook page, HERE. We often post promotions or new product announcements there first, so be sure to “Like” our page while you’re at it.

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