Does your college trumpet professor already use a Torpedo Bag on a regular basis?

If so, please ask him or her to apply to be one of our Artists.

They get a fat discount on any new Torpedo Bag purchases, and SO DO YOU!

Once they are listed on our Artist Page, here’s how it works: Send a photo of your College ID, and we will send you a 25% discount code good for a one time purchase during the next 12 months. Ask us again in a year, and take another 25% off another purchase, if you wish, as long as your ID is still valid.

That’s it! You can’t combine it with another coupon, it can’t be used on items already on sale, and it’s meant for you — not your 3rd cousin living in Phoenix who plays trumpet every 6 weeks in the Whoopie John Polka Band. It’s also bigger than any other coupon we’ve ever publicly offered, so yeah, it’s a good deal. Plus, your professor gets an even bigger discount, and he or she can use it more than once. So it should be easy to get your prof on board, and together we’ll try to get the whole studio outfitted.

Have a great semester!

Torpedo Bag Artist and Professor of Trumpet at the University of Massachusetts, Eric Berlin: