Bobby Burns Jr. began his music career at Indiana University as an undeclared major. Although he was accepted into the University, he was not proficient to be accepted into the Indiana School of Music. After two years of remedial classes, (and hours in the practice room), Bobby re-auditioned and was accepted as a music education major. At the time, famed trumpet teacher Bill Adam was one of three trumpet instructors with players such as Jerry Hey, Charlie Davis, and Larry Hall to his credit. Bobby wanted to study with Bill Adam and after a bit of coercion, harassing, and convincing, he was accepted into Bill Adam’s studio. Bobby studied under Bill Adam for 7 years alongside Chris Botti. Before graduating, Bobby had changed his major to trumpet performance and after a brief stint at the Bach Trumpet Factory, he returned to school and completed his Bachelor’s in Music specializing in trumpet performance.

Upon graduating, Bobby moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Some of his first performance credits included an ice show at the Reno Hilton, the Sherman Hemsley Band, and the Disneyland Band. Bobby continued to work odd jobs while pursuing music throughout his early time in L.A.After establishing himself in L.A. he began teaching privately while continuing to work. Some of his early jobs include the J.C. Penny’s Phone Center, a collection agent for a hospital, and an exterminator. It took roughly 6 years of working in L.A. for Bobby to secure enough music performance work to give up his “day gig”. During this time, Bobby began subbing with the Bayou Brass Band in Disneyland, the Main Disneyland Band, and freelancing in the L.A. area.

While pursuing his freelancing performance opportunities, Bobby recorded and performed with headliners and artists such as The Temptations, The Stylistics, The Four Tops, Boyz II Men, Tony Bennett, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Ice T. In 2000 Bobby was called to tour with Macy Gray. He toured with her for approximately 1 year before joining “Suessical the Musical.” After a 1 year stint with “Suessical,” he toured with different Broadway shows touring Europe including Evita and A Chorus Line.

In 2004, after recording an overdub for the Grammy’s for Earth Wind and Fire, Bobby was asked to join the band. Bobby joined Earth Wind and Fire in March of 2004. His performance credits with the band include the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize award show, American Idol, a performance for President Barack Obama at the White House, two Super Bowl shows, the Grammy Awards show, and countless others. Presently, Bobby continues to tour with Earth Wind and Fire performing and traveling over 200 days a year.

“I fly a lot and I need the best protection for my Scodwell Bb & Yamaha Flugelhorn.” — Bobby Burns, Jr.

Bobby Burns, Jr. tours the world with his COYOTE.