Artist Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in endorsing Torpedo Bags.

The full application will be emailed to you upon request. There are modest discounts for approved Artists, as outlined in the application, but the first case is on you to evaluate if it suits your needs.

Step One: You should have a history owning one or more Torpedo Bags. We receive weekly interest from people who do not own a Torpedo Bag, which we find interesting. If you use a Torpedo Bag on a regular basis, and would like to appear on our website as an endorsing artist, please proceed to Step Two.

Step Two: Send us an email asking for the Artist Application, and include some background information about your playing — and teaching, if you teach. Click HERE to send your email.

Step Three: Send your completed application, biography, and 2 different professionally posed photographs (B&W or Color photos are both fine). If you send us unprofessional photos, your application may be delayed.

This logo will need to be on your personal website before we can add you to ours. It is a standard .png file. Do not convert it to a .jpg or .pdf, as it will lose the circular shape:

Torpedo Bag Logo

There are three Artist Categories:

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS — Famous national and international soloists who headline frequently under their own name, or as part of a well known ensemble.

COLLEGE PROFESSORS — Do you work as a private trumpet instructor at a college or university? If we can verify your employment on your college music department website, you’re in! A nice discount is available for you and your entire studio. Please save the poster, below, by dragging it to your desktop. Then open it, print it, post it!

PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS — This page is for players who tour regularly with one or more big acts, or are well known and established professional players whose reputations span a large geographical area. Full time, pro musicians only.

A note about PHOTOS: Developing a career requires an investment in high quality, professional photographs. We want to promote your career with our products in the best possible light, so please make this important investment in your career before returning an Artist Application.