Artist Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in representing Torpedo Bags.

Step One

You should have a history owning one or more Torpedo Bags.

You will need to develop a social media footprint of at least 20,000 followers or subscribers across all platforms (total, not each), or...

You are a well established educator who is in demand nationally and internationally as a clinician, or...

You are a full time, touring performer with a long list of performing credits gathered over at least a decade, post college.

Step Two

Send us an email that includes some background information about your playing -- and teaching, if you teach. Get a dialogue going -- tell our marketing department about your career, and show us some of your posts with our gear.

We are looking for people who can be positively and reciprocally associated with our brands over many years. Brand loyalty is important.

Click the icon above to send your email.

Step Three

Send us your well-edited biography, and 2 different professionally-posed photographs (B&W or Color photos are both fine).

If you send us unprofessional photos, your application will be delayed.

Discounts will be extended to our artist roster, and free products may be offered at our discretion to those who provide additional exposure -- Preference is given to those with large social media footprints.

We would like to see this logo added to our artists’ websites, or at least some mention of our brand when possible.

It is a standard .png file. Do not convert it to a .jpg or .pdf, as it will lose the circular shape.