Learn about the new COYOTE™ Re-Imagined!

The COYOTE™ cases are being re-imagined!

After developing VOLPE’S VELOX™, we decided there was too much good stuff in our bag of tricks not to reinvent the COYOTE™. Read about what’s coming, and how to save BIG on a pre-order.

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Product Description


    • Designed in 2008, the Torpedo Bag


    • has been THE best made and most protective multi-trumpet case available anywhere.

But it’s time to re-imagine and re-invent this iconic piece of professional gear.

Based on the technology we’ve developed for VOLPE’S VELOX™ — the same stuff used in aerospace composites — we start with a double layer of pre-preg carbon fiber, sandwich a 1/8″ layer of Dupont Aramid Honeycomb for stiffness, and finish with another pair of carbon fiber layers. Then it is vacuum bagged for a perfect and consistent finish inside and out. There is also a similar version made from pre-preg fiberglass, which will offer exceptional value and durability compared to wood, plastic, or foam-core cases. Both versions will be available with optional 1680D nylon or thick, Loredo leather covers.

This is not the wet layup process used by our competitors making fiberglass cases. Nor is it resin infusion. Both of those technologies require highly viscous and inferior resin for “flow,” and more of it, adding weight and allowing for cracking. But our pre-preg materials allow for the perfect strength-to-weight ratio, at about 36% resin content, and this is consistent across the fabric. It is sent to us “factory infused,” which means we’re using a significantly higher quality resin. The honeycomb layer is 90% air, but separates the layers of CF by 1/8″, turning a normally flexible material into a ridiculously stiff wall. This is why high-performance racing boats and gliders are made out of these exact same materials.

The legacy COYOTE™ featured a 17 piece set of pads, allowing for great customization and protection. However, those pads drove the cost out of reach for many players. The re-imagined COYOTE™ will have molded-foam interior, but molded in a very innovative manner. That’s all we can reveal at this time, but rest assured, it will be customizable and will allow you to travel much more confidently than you do with the case you have now.

As with everything we make, it is Made in the USA, and most of the parts are also Made in the USA. New to us is that the foam, as well as the CF and FG exteriors, will be made directly by us instead of suppliers, allowing for unprecedented control of nearly every step in the manufacturing process.

Here’s what is planned, subject to change:

The legacy COYOTE™ becomes the new COYOTE™, and will hold Bb/C/pic or Bb/Medium Flugelhorn. For those familiar with the legacy COYOTE™, these two variations were called “Snip” and “Snap,” and we will retain these designations. These should be made available in mid-May, but you can pre-order at a discount now, HERE.

However, the COYOTE™ “Snarl” setup for the large flugelhorns will be renamed the CHUPACABRA™, and will use a different mold entirely (it will fit on airplanes much better than before). We’re not going to get too specific about this one until we get a little deeper into it, but the idea is to carry Bb/Big Flugel/pic or Bb/Bb/Bb (a true triple). Expect this one in June, but with a caveat: If we get swamped with VELOX™, CARCAJOU™, and COYOTE™ orders as expected, backorders may slow everything down.

Finally, for any two piston trumpets, we will introduce the SKE-LEP™. It will be a cousin to the VELOX™, and feature a sleek, narrow body. Look for this guy in July.


Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 24 in
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