Custom Case Covers


We are now making custom leather case covers for all music instrument cases. From flute to trumpet, saxophone to guitar, we’ve got you…uhh…covered.

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Product Description

How To Order

  • Covers can be custom made around your specific case. For now, we need the case sent to us, but will be building a library of specific case shapes as we go.
  • These are currently offered in our Glenn Cronkhite Leather Choices: Smooth Black, Chocolate Brown, Canyon Sunrise, Badlands, British Tan, and Cinnamon.
  • Choose your color; pay the $25 deposit; send us your case with your complete contact information INSIDE the CASE — this is IMPORTANT!
  • We will contact you about options: 1) Back Pack Straps 2) Padding 3) Zippered Pocket.
  • When we complete the order, we will charge the balance and return your case with the new cover.
  • The order can’t be cancelled once we start cutting; because this is a custom case, we will not accept returns.


  • These are made similar to our Glenn Cronkhite bags, famously known to last for decades without issues.
  • Huge #10 YKK RC main zippers — tight corners may require #8’s, while small covers for flute will get #5’s.
  • Solid steel brass plated rivets and T138 polyester threads for longevity.


  • Since these are custom designs, we will talk to each customer about specifics when the case reaches us.
  • Small covers may only have handles (flutes and clarinets), while a typical trumpet case will have handles and a shoulder strap. The larger they get, the more carrying options we will provide, including back pack straps.

Estimated Costs

  • We bill these at $100/hour, and that includes materials. If we’ve done this exact case before, your costs will be lower.
  • Samples: A simple, unpadded flute case cover will be around $200. A trumpet case cover will be around $300-350, but optional back pack straps will bring that higher. A large keyboard case cover might approach $700. Any curved case (euphonium) will be quite expensive, as getting the curves covered will take a day or more of pattern work — plan on >$1000 unless we’ve done one before! We will post actual prices charged as we complete these orders.


    This is perfect for protecting a valuable vintage case, or preserving the appearance of your new case.

View our flight RECOMMENDATIONS.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 12 in

Badlands Leather, Canyon Sunrise Leather, British Tan Leather, Chocolate Brown Leather, Cinnamon Leather, Smooth Black Leather

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