ChopSlot™ and FluteChute™ Musician Masks


ChopSlot™ and FluteChute™ Performance Musician Masks are available now for brass and woodwind instruments. These durable masks feature a replaceable 2-point elastic strap for a secure fit and use durable woven materials that provide filtration. The unique design creates an innovative mask for playing instruments. 

Get back to rehearsals with the ChopSlot™ and FluteChute™ Performance Musician Masks!


Product Description

ChopSlot™ and FluteChute™ Musician Performance Masks are made from the same materials recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and that we used to fulfill a 130,000 mask order for Boston Scientific.

The face masks for musicians start with an inner filter layer of 4.9 oz cotton flannel covered by an outer barrier layer using a very heavy 5.3 oz poplin woven cotton. These are extremely durable materials and can be washed in high heat over and over for months providing long-lasting face masks for band and orchestra musicians.

Patent Pending ChopSlot™ Performance Musician Masks

The ChopSlot™ is used for both brass and woodwind instruments

For brass players, the ChopSlot™ features a vertical locking zipper. Set the lower zipper to fit the location of your lip or mouthpiece position, and pull the top zipper down to the desired height. When resting, you can close the mask using the top zipper, and the lower locking zipper stays in its location.

For woodwind players, the ChopSlot™ features a horizontal locking zipper designed to protect the reed. When resting, the zipper can be closed completely providing secure face masks for musicians.

Patent Pending FluteChute™ Performance Musician Masks

The FluteChute™ Performance Musician Mask is designed specifically as a mask for flute players. 

A wire structure holds the tent 2 inches away from the face and a notch on the right side of the mask allows the player to insert the head joint to the proper playing position. This allows ample room to insert and comfortably play the flute while providing a protective flute mask cover. 

We recommend using the FluteChute™ in conjunction with our flute or piccolo instrument cover.


The instrument masks feature a two-point, around-the-head elastic system that can be replaced with ties at the discretion of the user. The advantage of this unique design is that a musician does not need to retie their mask when getting a drink — that giant bari sax does not need to be set down in the dirt during marching band practice!

By not going around the ears, there is less discomfort and there won’t be a temptation to hang it from one ear during water breaks, again risking the instrument when it inevitably blows off the ear. Our design is better in both regards ensuring the ultimate masks for playing instruments.

For other innovative instrument covers, we offer:

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

Children, High School Students and Adults

Instrument Family

Brass, Woodwind, Flute

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