Free Torpedo Bag Clip Contest

We are remaking our videos, and would like a quick audio file at the front end of each one. We don’t have time to do this ourselves, and have somewhat limited audio production skills. Plus, we thought it would be fun to see what creativity exists on the interwebs. Therefore, it’s CONTEST TIME!

FIRST PRIZE: A free Single-Trumpet Torpedo Bag, any color, with mute bag and music pouch or the Chuckwalla. The winner can pick from the Classic, the Peacemaker, the 2012 USA Outlaw, the Loredo, or the Outlaw Loredo (MSRP ranges from $219 to $495). In the event no winner is selected, no prizes will be awarded.

RUNNERS UP will go 5 contestants deep, and these winners can select one item from any of our Mouthpiece Holsters (MP1, MP2, MP3, or MP4) in brown or black leather.


  • Compose and record a 3 to 10 second audio clip, with trumpet(s) and voice singing the Torpedo Bag brand. Other orchestration is optional, such as trombones, guitar, drums, etc. Again, 3 – 10 seconds maximum, with our preference leaning toward brevity. S – Q – E – E – Z – E your creativity in there!
  • Suggestions: Humor is good, as is a triple tongued triad fanfare: “T-T-K Torpedooo!” We are partial to high notes (get it?), but Tastee Brothers need not apply. Opera turns our crank — perhaps a battle to the death between a coughing soprano and a trumpetista. (Battle? Opera? Get it? Guess who wins?). We also like the “Dramatic Gopher” 3 note fanfare idea. More serious entries can work too, such as a brass ensemble fanfare with some interesting, quick changing harmonies. Since we will expand to other instruments, the expanded instrumentation appeals to us (so that it’s not too trumpet heavy). We are hearing in our mind a full Russian mens choir with brass ensemble in the Prokofiev style, aren’t you?
  • It’s an audio contest, but if you want to add video, feel free to do so. You can use our logo, below.
  • Entries must be posted online by April 15th. Winners will be announced the same day or as soon as possible.
  • Entry must be posted on a publicly available host, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and must be titled, “Torpedo Bag Audio Contest Entry by [Your Name].” We will be soliciting judgement from our Facebook minions, so it must be publicly available, and not simply emailed to us.
  • Once your entry is posted, please email us a link to the URL, with your name and phone number. Send it to:
  • If you are selected as a winner, you will need to send the highest possible resolution audio format to before your prize will be mailed out. Your location can be anywhere in the world, and the shipping is on us.
  • Enter as many compositions as you like! It is possible we will select more than one winner, so it is also possible that one person can win twice — Or thrice!
  • We think this is a good spring break project, don’t you?

April 15th! Go!

Interpretation of these rules is determined solely by Torpedo Bags, Inc. All decisions are final.



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